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Forex Trading Strategy - Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP)

Make Money with Currency House's Enhanced Trading Signals

Trading Signals and How To Use Them

Learn how to use the popular social trading feature of the xstation platform to discover different traders from around the world.

Traders witnessed a great deal of volatility leading up to and following the Fed rate hike last week.

Join Currency House's Director of Sales, Matt Dyer, as he explains how to become a referral partner and eventually an introducing broker with Currency House.

The packages include
Daily market updates
1 weekly webinar
Unlimited training videos
Video+voice coaching with a pro
20 plus trading aps
Daily trade recommendations
New account deposit bonus
Real time messaging
Trade signals
Algo trading set up
$29 /mo
(Billed quarterly)
$20/month billed annually
$99 /mo
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$77/month billed annually
$199 /mo
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$150/month billed annually

Trading topics you will learn

  • What is forex and CFD trading
  • What are binary options
  • What is the carry trade
  • What is Currency Correlation
  • What are good trade ideas.
  • What apps are usefull
  • Forex trading strategies
  • Short and long term startegies
  • How to set up $100000 practice account
  • How to place your first trade
  • How to set up take profit and stop loss
  • How to manage risk
  • How to spot market trends
  • How to take profit with trade signals
  • How to set up automatic trading
  • Set up and use phone trading app
  • How to trade stocks
  • How to trade options
  • How to copy-social trade
  • How to trade Macro Market calls
  • How to trade interest rates announcemnts.
  • How to understand charts
  • Understanding technical analysis